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I volunteer at a youth center in Los Angeles.(Need I say more? They have nothing. Nothing.)

I tried to buy Boo-Berry cereal that was marked down. I take 3 buses to the youth center.(It's LA, need I say more?)

Ana-Manager, was horrible. I needed 1 large box for 40 cereal boxes. Ana just stared at me? She just stared? I said,

"I will wait here all night until someone helps me." 4 times I had to say this.

Ana handed me 2 small boxes. "How can you get 40 cereal boxes in those???" She just stared?

She then handed the 2 small boxes to Elizabeth, who called me HUN more than 20 times. (Can you call female customers HUN? HONEY? SWEETIE? TOOTS?)

Elizabeth looked 30. I don't appreciate being called HUN from her. This is not a 70 y/o woman. They refused to give me a large paper towel box. They first said there is no large box. then I said, "What about that one?" Ana closed the doors and said, "Oh you can't see those boxes." I had to leave with no cereal for the kids. I went back the next day.

30 boxes were sold. Adrian-Manager, was NO help. I waited 90 minutes to speak to Rosie-Store Manager, because Adrian was too lazy or, too *** to leave a note.

(I was waiting tin the cafe) Rosie takes 90 minute lunch breaks. Adrian just walked out!!! Her break was way too important than a customer.

Rosie said, "Oh, Ana already told me everything, you don't have to explain." I said, "really??? You don't want to here a customer's complaint?"

Rosie said, "It's not necessary." I again said, "Really??? Well then you tell me what she said." Rosie said, "No." We repeated this 5 times. When I got the cereal to the check out, I asked Ana if she could find the boxes in the computer? Of course with much sarcasm, "Why? Why come you need to know that?" I said, "If there is no record they might be in the store somewhere." Ana again said, "Why? Why? Why? There be no records in computer." I asked Rosie. She said it could be found in the computer. I found these female managers all incompetent. They don't know costumer service and never will. But this is Los Angeles, companies promote these types of people. HORRIBLE. Ralph's you did a disgrace to the little kids. You need a story in the LA Times Newspaper.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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This company should be ashamed! I think a LARGE contribution to the youth center is in order

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