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My wife and I stopped at Ralph's last night to buy some groceries for the Super Bowl. We picked up a couple of 12 packs of Coke and Dr.

Pepper they were on sale for $2.47. We also bought a 6 pack of hard root beer which was also on sale for $9.97. Additionally we bought some ruffles chips and sour cream both were on sale. The total bill was about $130.00 which both my wife and I thought was high.

Outside the store we decided to check the receipt and to our surprise we found that we didn't get the sale prices on these items. When we went back inside as asked the clerk we were told on several of the items including the soda and hard root beer had minimum buys in order to get the sale price. In looking at the tag the minimum buy quantity was there further down on the price tag in very small print. So small that neither my wife or I saw it.

I would not have been able to read it without my glasses which I didn't have at the time. The practice of requiring a minimum buy is not unusual but usually it is well marked. In these cases it was poorly marked and I am asking myself why would they do this? The only conclusion I can see is that they are hoping most customers won't check their receipt.

Had we not checked we would have paid about $20.00 more than we were expecting to. I find this practice deceitful at best. They make not be doing something illegal but as a consumer I find this practice deplorable as I feel they are stealing from their customers. So anyone who shops at Ralphs Grocery Store's in California be careful to check your receipt to be sure you paid what you expected to pay.

In fairness to the clerk who helped us she did reduce the price on the soda , chips ,and sour cream.

I later returned the hard root beer because she didn't reduce that item. I do have a choice of where I shop and I will think long and hard about going back to Ralph's.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Make it vey clear using a much larger font when requiring a minimum buy what the minimum buy is..

I liked: That the clerk fixed the problem.

I didn't like: Store did not mark the minimum buy clearly.

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They are liars and use a bait and switch system. They utilize deplorable behavior. They have a very bad reputation.

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