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Ralphs Western Union Review
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On September 27, 2016 about 6:15pm I received the worse service ever at this Ralph's. I needed to do Western Union, I went to one of the cashier & asked could she help me, she said she was not the one that does Western Union, she went & asked the lady that does the Western Union & she SNICKER saying "it's time for me to be off work!" She did not want to help me; when she did help me my MTCN number was incorrect so I had to call my sender & he... Read more

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I thought... I purchased a reloadable prepaid card (as in one that you can just go into the store and add cash to); however, AFTER opening the card it was a temporary, none reloadable card. You have to call a number to get a reloadable card. It doesn't inform the costumer well.. that in order to get the 'actual' reloadable card you have to give your social and other sensitive information. I was informed that the social was just to locate the... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 12
  • #917002

so sad ralphs is just a money hungry company that hires lowlifes and keeps them becuz there *** and will settle for $10 to $20 an hr for life. ralphs needs the dumb rude miserable employees to give them peanuts while corporate and owners make the 6digit salaries

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I went to king soopers today and when i finished paying she did not give me the coupons that came out the machine. Also i was charged an additional 10 cents for some bannans that were suppost to be 59 cents. This was at 10:24 Am. Her name was Janie and was at register 10. This happens all the time. Please check the camaras at this store. The bannanas were suppost to be 59 cents and i was charged 69 for every pack i got. Thanks you N N N N N N N... Read more

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Kroger is unecessarily overly strict with their Age-Verification procedures. Mind you, I said procedures, not policies. It's not the policies that have been out into place that I have s provlem with. It's the procedures that are executed in order to carry out adherancr to such policies that I have a problem with. It's the Ralphs in Torrance, CA on Rolling Hilld Road who I had an unacceptable shopping experience with, so much so, that after 30... Read more

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Ashley Atwood is a tech in the pharmacy. She knew I was married with a 2 year old & was 9 months pregnant. Me and my husband got into an argument so I left to my moms and he went to the bar. He saw her there and she came & sat by him & told him how all the pharmacy employees call him hot and proceeded to talk about what meds I was taking in front of people I knew. Horrible bed side manners!!!!! Long story short is she went home with my husband... Read more

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I live only about a block from Ralph's on Western in San Pedro and have been shopping there for about seven years. It's generally a good store, but the deli dept is consistently very slow. I've had many instances of standing there for five minutes while employees cut meat or attended to other duties after seeing me and then going back to whatever they were doing. Service is consistently poor. No matter how many folks are waiting, it seems to... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 27
  • #872683

I was treated disrecpectfully from a cashier for using coupons.

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 20
  • #868855

Horrible service, *** employees, don't give a ***!!

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 20
  • #868850

This is one of the filthiest and most unprofessional stores I've been in. Even after management was put on notice no further steps were taken to improve cleanliness or customer service; absolutely appalling conduct on management as well as internal customer service or lack there-of.

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